hiking in the kaçkar during May ?

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hiking in the kaçkar during May ?

Mesajgönderen All3ski » 06 Şub 2014 22:49

Hi all,

First i'm sorry if i'm not able to write my topic in Turk language.

I really would to hike in the Kaçkar mountains during my turkish trip in May. I think i will be in Erzurum starting May 9th, and free to stay there up to May 17th. Is it nice to hike & trek in the kackar at such time of the Year ? How is the Nature there in May ? By the way, if some of you know some reliable english or french speaking guide in this area, don't hesitate to give me their emails or skype id.

Looking forward to have your feedback

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Kayıt: 06 Şub 2014 22:40

Re: hiking in the kaçkar during May ?

Mesajgönderen yseferoglu » 09 Şub 2014 11:18

(KDRK) Kaçkar Dağcılık Rafting Kayak Spor İhtisas Kulübü
mail: ah_metk@hotmail.com
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